Many public companies have amazingly successful businesses, but struggle with getting investors to learn about them! With no liquidity in the stock, how can they raise funds, make acquisitions (M&A) and grow their businesses? 


We offer professional planning, production and execution of multi-channel market awareness campaigns for public companies listed in North American markets (NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC, CSE,TSXV) to significantly increase investor awareness.

Special Program Reserved For Select Public Companies

  • Would you like to have liquidity
  • ​Would you like to have in-house market awareness capabilities? 
  • Would you like to have YOUR OWN investors email list?
  • Would you like to have your shareholders and potential investors phone numbers, so you could text them
Would you like to know how to do all of that to increase your company’s brand awareness with potential investors
We'll bring years of experience in the advertising and marketing of running market awareness campaigns to YOUR company, it's like a market awareness department in YOUR company
  • Creation of the marketing materials to run a market awareness campaigns
  • Building investors email list for the public company (infrastructure and lead generation)
  • ​Building investors text message list for the public company
  • Guiding the company in building their investors community
  • ​Developing a community building content plan
Oh,.... did we mention you can have all the above without paying a single dollar in cash? Let's talk! 
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